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Sunday, August 7, 2011

A Beautiful Blessed Weekend

Good Morning my fabulous followers :) 
Love was abundant this weekend for my family & I :) Not only have we spent some fabulous quality time with our family...we also witnessed the beautiful union and blessed marriage of our handsome distinguished bro & beautiful radiant sis in Christ.....
Mr. & Mrs. Darron Williams

Whoooo hoo CONGRATULATIONS Darron & Twanda!!! A beautiful ceremony for and incredible beautiful couple!! So grateful we witnessed the untiy of two soulmates. 
 This weekend has been awesome! I'm feeling incredibly blessed.  
As I posted Friday we are visiting family that I wish I could see more often. The distance and busyness of life keeps us from doing so. I am sooooooo grateful for the hospitality, love, and warmth that was given to us for these two and half days... not to mention the story swaps of our childhood and learning what an incredible man my lil bro has become. Let's not forget the real reason for the weekend was to meet my beautiful lil' baby niece Ava Irene for the first time. Yes I spoiled her as much as I possibly could by holding her every available second that I could. She is without a doubt the most beautiful precious lil' angel and I'm proud to be her auntie.
Hope each of you has a blessed day. 
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  1. Wow what a bessed weekend indeed :) thanks for sharing family good news.

  2. this is so cool, you are so creative

  3. thank u Carol <3 love that u visited me <3 ooxoo


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