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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

While I've Been Away...

Hello Everyone :) I have missed communicating with you, have you missed me? Life the past couple of months has been a complicated jumbled issues, loosing loved ones, and dealing with the hand God has dealt me mentally, physically, and's time for me to call and join the game again and not loose sight of the eternal jackpot He has in store for me. Please forgive my non communication. Instead of keeping it to myself I need to be sharing with you what life for me is like. Please pray for me as I try to get better about posting my thoughts and goings on of my simply complicated life as a daughter of Christ, wife, mom, sister, sister in Christ, soon to be Aunt, and friend...Deal me in JC, it's time to live the hand you continue to give me on a daily basis :)

During my blog absence, a new dear friend introduced me to knitting. She tried to teach me how to knit via Skype and it didn't go very well. I ended up using my fingers instead of the hook to do my first chain :S Well I was determined to figure this craft skill out so while at the store one day I came across a small round loom. The loom instructions said anyone could make knitted flowers quickly and easily. At first I had my doubts but I brought it home and played with it. Before I knew it I was knitting flowers and falling head over heels for any kind of unique and novelty yarn.  I was making the flowers everywhere, before church service, after church service, in the car waiting for my girls after school, even at Starbucks. Don't get me wrong I still love all things paper, but now I have found another fiber outlet that I enjoy very much. 

This past Saturday was the main reason for me knitting the over abundance of blooms. My oldest daughter Chelsea had the honor of attending her first Masquerade Church Prom. She was sooooooo excited and had dreams of a beautiful dress,shoes, the perfect up do for her hair, mani & pedi, accessories, the masqurade mask to match the dress, and even the after party outfit for the lock-in before she purchased the ticket. She had it all figured out except for one lil' thing.....where would the funds for this memorable event come from?  The first plan she tried was babysitting and that raised a small portion to get her started. Then the thought bulb bloomed when she saw the flowers I had been making. She asked if I could make her some headbands with them and she wore them to school, church, and out and about. The reactions she got from friends were awesome so we decided thru prayer to sell as many of them as we could to raise all the money she needed.

We knew it was going to take work getting them out there. I was encouraged to open an online store on and posted them there. Then God blessed our plan even more when the manager at my local Family Dollar invited us to sell them in front of the store one Saturday morning. Our faith kept blooming faster than I could make the flowers. But the overwhelming encouragement came from our brothers and sisters at church. To make a long story short she earned enough for her ticket and everything she hoped and dreamed for :) Thank you from the bottom of our hearts to all those who donated to her dream <3 Thank you Sonya for taking this beautiful pic of her <3

My daughter is beautiful on the outside but nothing can compare to the inner beauty of faith, trust, and love she has for our Lord Jesus Christ. Thank you God for blessing me with the honor of being her temporary parent to such a beautiful soul :) 
Thanks be to God for making her dreams come true, Amen :) Please come back to check out the pics I will post tomorrow. For tonight it's time to turn in and give my body a rest so that I may enjoy every blessing God has in store for me tomorrow @>---%-------