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Friday, February 11, 2011

Lovin' Swap-Bot

Hello Craftmates, Tonight is going to be short and sweet. I recently signed up on to have fun sending and receiving goodies in the snail mail from all over the world. Boy have I done just that this week (I skip to the mailbox while whisteling a joyful tune now ;)  The pics below will be described by their captions. I 'm in quite a bit of pain at the moment so I need to make this quick, hope you understand.
1. Friendship Book from Japan
Very cute design, front cover is laminated :) thank you Kakinotane

2. Valentine from Vidor, Tx.

Beautiful design on front, love the collage look....
 the inside was even cuter...many hugs to you Marilyn, your card warms my heart :)

She even accented the first letter of my last name on the envie, love it <3

3.The Sweetest Be Mine Valentine
 This valentine is from Jan in Salem, Mo. I love the inspiring words on the bookmark and the heart's body is a stick of Orbit's gum. The sentiment is perfect and reminds me of one of my fav songs "Stuck like Glue" by Sugarland.:) thank you Jan for the sweet valentine.

4. Saving the Best for Last

 This Valentine made me cry because I miss her sooooooo much, my sister in Christ Elaina ;0) (In fact the card is wet from the tears of joy and sadness all mixed up together) Looking forward to sipping this pink-a-choco-licious treat while I concoct a return surprise (no Elaina I'm not tellin'). Thanks for sending me choco-love this Valentine's Day;) Love ya bunches <3
Well my friends, this is the end of this evening's post. Hope you enjoyed my pics of goodies. Give Swap-Bot a try, you never know what you will receive. Pleasant dreams from the Scraptuary :)

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

My first FB's (Friendship Booklets)

Good evening Everyone,

I am here in my Scraptuary breathing a sigh of relief tonight*whew*. 
I joined a site called Swap-bot a couple of weeks ago. It's a blast to participate in. Basically you swap stuff you already have and are interested in receiving
back by snail-mail. I signed up for 5 different ones right off the bat.
The first was a ribbon swap, teabag and letter swap, a follow my blog swap, newbie FB swap, and spa recipe swap. Before I knew it I had 3 swaps due consecutively, wow have I been busy today!! But Amen I am done, and will be mailing them in the morning. I need to be careful about what pics I post of the swaps because if you are one of my partners, I don't wanna ruin the surprise. I am sooooo excited about the FB swap that it's worth the risk to post these pic's......
This pic is of the front and back covers. I used Kraft CS as the base and overlayed deco paper from DCWV Retro stack. A single brad holds the booklet together.
 Look below to see what the "pages" are made of...

have you figured it out yet?
Shipping tags, you know the one's you can get at office supply stores
 in bundles of 100 ct.
 After researching and googling images of FB's, this is what I came up with.
Time to leave my Scraptuary in peace and turn in for the night :)
Thanks for droppin' in ;) Pleasant dreams everyone :)

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Late Night Crafting

Hello, anybody still awake? I hope everyone is nice and snuggly warm in their beds. When I have an upcoming event it is VERY hard for me to sleep. So I thought I would show you what my crafty fingers have been up to since the midnight hour......
My youngest daughter is in 8th grade and she's at that age where she wants to give out Valentine's to her friends, but just not the store bought kiddie kind. So she and I came up with these inexpensive ideas, and I made them after she went to bed. I used the Cricut Soluions Cart. Indie Art and cut out the guitars, and butterflies and threaded Pixie Sticks thru them. I used DCWV, Heidi Grace, and Bazzill cardstock to cut them out. Added some bling and there you go, 13 yr.old approved Valentine treats.

The guitars were the an image that could go either guy or girl.
The fun thing about the butterflies is when you hold the pixie stix and move it up and down the wings flap :) That was an added bonus discovered by a happy mistake :)
Time for me to catch some ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ's......6hr's until I have to wake up and start all over again. Hope my creations help to inspire you to think outside the box.