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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Late Night Crafting

Hello, anybody still awake? I hope everyone is nice and snuggly warm in their beds. When I have an upcoming event it is VERY hard for me to sleep. So I thought I would show you what my crafty fingers have been up to since the midnight hour......
My youngest daughter is in 8th grade and she's at that age where she wants to give out Valentine's to her friends, but just not the store bought kiddie kind. So she and I came up with these inexpensive ideas, and I made them after she went to bed. I used the Cricut Soluions Cart. Indie Art and cut out the guitars, and butterflies and threaded Pixie Sticks thru them. I used DCWV, Heidi Grace, and Bazzill cardstock to cut them out. Added some bling and there you go, 13 yr.old approved Valentine treats.

The guitars were the an image that could go either guy or girl.
The fun thing about the butterflies is when you hold the pixie stix and move it up and down the wings flap :) That was an added bonus discovered by a happy mistake :)
Time for me to catch some ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ's......6hr's until I have to wake up and start all over again. Hope my creations help to inspire you to think outside the box.


  1. Beautiful! You have amazing talent!

  2. Hi, Steph! Well, I made it over here and I love it! Oh my goodness, the pixie stick guitars and butterflies are adorable! My 12 y. o. daughter LOVES pixie sticks! Going to follow your blog so keep posting! :)

  3. Absolutely Fabulous!
    I am going to try and make these with my 6th grader!


  4. My fave is the skullie paisley butterfly!

  5. These Valentines are such a great idea. Her friends are going to just love those.

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  6. Those look awesome! I did a really cool Mario for my son that I have to remember to post. thebragal from Swap-Bot So sorry to be a day late. I thought today was the deadline! OOPS!

  7. These are awesome!! :)

    *trashybetty from Swapbot!

  8. Clever! The boys would love the guitars. Your late night crafting paid off. :)

  9. they are gorgeous!

  10. Fabulous job. I sure miss those days of making Valentines with my son.

    swapbot - stampkrl

  11. Wow, so much better than store bought valentines. Very appropriate for 13 year olds.

    Following for the swap follow my blog. Can't wait to see more cool paper crafts.

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