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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

My first FB's (Friendship Booklets)

Good evening Everyone,

I am here in my Scraptuary breathing a sigh of relief tonight*whew*. 
I joined a site called Swap-bot a couple of weeks ago. It's a blast to participate in. Basically you swap stuff you already have and are interested in receiving
back by snail-mail. I signed up for 5 different ones right off the bat.
The first was a ribbon swap, teabag and letter swap, a follow my blog swap, newbie FB swap, and spa recipe swap. Before I knew it I had 3 swaps due consecutively, wow have I been busy today!! But Amen I am done, and will be mailing them in the morning. I need to be careful about what pics I post of the swaps because if you are one of my partners, I don't wanna ruin the surprise. I am sooooo excited about the FB swap that it's worth the risk to post these pic's......
This pic is of the front and back covers. I used Kraft CS as the base and overlayed deco paper from DCWV Retro stack. A single brad holds the booklet together.
 Look below to see what the "pages" are made of...

have you figured it out yet?
Shipping tags, you know the one's you can get at office supply stores
 in bundles of 100 ct.
 After researching and googling images of FB's, this is what I came up with.
Time to leave my Scraptuary in peace and turn in for the night :)
Thanks for droppin' in ;) Pleasant dreams everyone :)


  1. Very Clever, I want two - Daughter Focus - Carol B

  2. These are very pretty. I hope they return to you filled with fun.

    eveyinorbit via swapbot

  3. Hi, I'm trashybetty from Swap-Bot! Love the blog! I'm now a follower! You can check me out @

  4. Very pretty.

    Already a follower.

    tamtamlee from follow my blog 2 swap-bot

  5. I did that too...I signed up for a ton of swaps right off the bat. But that was in 2001 on Nervousness. Nervousness was the "bomb" back in the day. Now it's a ghost town. Lucky there are still lots of mail art sites around. I've signed up for a steampunk ATC swap. Should be interesting. Love your work, great colors. Glad I found you! TangoAlphaMike *swapbot*

  6. I see you're new to swapbot I only joined just after xmas so far I've recieved 2 packets .It's great waiting for the surprises!!

  7. I love this little tag book. So simple and cute.

  8. You are very creative! Enjoyed seeing what you made for one of the swaps on Swap-Bot!

    Ann (freespirit66)

  9. Watch out! FB's get addictive and seriously suck time from you...or maybe that was just me! mamatoallie on swapbot

  10. Swapbot can be super addictive. But I have made alot of friends with common interests.

    swapbot - stampkrl


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