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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Useday Tuesday~Shabby Chic Memo Block

Hello from the Scraptuary :) Hope everyone is having a great evening. 
Welcome to Useday Tuesday's where the goal is to use the scraps of paper and embellishments that are just laying around my creative space. 
Being that invitations and cards are what I make most, I have a TON of scraps. 
It wasn't easy to narrow the choices of what to use out of the abundance of lovely leftovers...
It was very tough but I finally picked a few choice pieces and fav tools out...
would you like to see what I made? drumroll PLEASE...
 I came up with a Shabby Chic Memo Block <3 
You can clip pics of the kiddos, forget me not notes, or any small message you would like.
Hope my lil' project stirs your creative spirit to use your  scraps. Please leave a comment with the link to your blog I would love to see what you come up with. Have a blessed evening my friend.
-----%---<@ Until we visit again, thanks for droppin' in @>---%-----


  1. Rock on! Tune in Friday for my Frugal Friday post about...something wonderful I am working on for under $5! using scraps and old Jeans! YAAAY


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