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Friday, February 4, 2011

Snow Day Craftliciousness

Ok it's official now I have seen everything...we had snow here in San Antonio. The sun has melted it all away by now but it was beautiful. I think it's pretty awesome that we received it today because one of my dear friends is celebrating her birthday today. Imagine receiving the original embellishments of nature from God on your day, He is awesome and so is she.

Today's post begins with  a challenge I received from a fellow craftmate, she wanted me to make an all turquoise valentine. Well I failed, (I'm sorry Kris but I have a very hard time being monochromatic). So the above pic is what I came up with. Wednesday I majorly scored at one of my fav store Big Lots. I found the best paper, a 24 sheet DS pack by g.c.d. named CANNA for $5. The color combos are funky and different and perfect for Kris' challenge. She is into crochet and unique art so it was a given to use sparkly fun fur.
I like to embellish the inside of my creations. It just doesn't feel right to add a personal sentiment on a blank space. Plus it adds that lil' somethin' somethin', you know what I mean.

I was recently advised to join Twitter to get the word out as well as inspiration about my passion for paper and crafting.  What on Earth took me soooooooooo long to do this? It is AWESOME :) These next pics are a nod of thanks to a fellow twitter friend dollarcraft (look her up and follow her). She has awesome ideas using everyday stuff from all of our fav and only true dollar store, Dollar Tree. So during my wednesday shopping trip , I wandered into Dollar Tree and stumbled upon 10" paper lace dollies. My brain thru a breaker with the ideas that started flooding in. So what can you make with a paper dollie, some decorative paper, a stamped sentiment, ribbon, and a brad or two....
this lil' Valentine gift for a good friend. I simply folded the dollie, secured the flaps with doublesided tape in the right places, added the embellishments on the outside (paper from the g.c.d. 24 sheet DS pack Chianti Collection, Big Lots $5) and then....

stuffed the inside with a dark chocolate square and a mini 31/2" x 4" blank notecard (valentine). The great thing about using the dollie for this is it creates two pockets on the inside for the items and serves as the envelope for the whole gift. I will be making several of these for the craftshow I'm participating in Sunday that benefits the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation :)

My youngest daughter wanted to make something to pass out to her friends and teachers for Valentine's Day. We came up with tissue flowers with a Hershey's Kiss or Reese's Candy Heart in the center. Below are two pics of what they look like so far. We will be embellishing them a lil' more next week. I think I'll make a couple of dozen or so for the craftshow...

Thanks for droppin' by :) Hope my creations inspire you to get creative this holiday.


  1. AWESOME! I love the card! you have to show me how to make those flowers!!!

  2. You have a beautiful blog. You are very talented. I'm one you your partners from swap bot blog swap

  3. I love cards too, but I don't ever make them...but as of the last 2 years I haven't really scrapbooked either.

    Brandy (mamatoallie on swapbot)

  4. Your cards are so pretty. You are very creative.

    Diane (Swap Bot Swap)

  5. You are an awesome crafter!
    I love making cards, but I am more of a simpleton when it comes to crafting!



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