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Monday, January 31, 2011

I DO Weddings Part II

Hello my fellow Crafties,

As promised I'm posting Wedding #2 the Valdez & Mendiola, this wedding was very special to me. My husband and I know the groom from waaaaaayyyyy back, and the bride did not take long to get to know :) The concept was Enchanted Elegance. The couple chose the awesome setting of the Old San Francisco Steakhouse in the Crystal Room. The room is very similiar to Tavern on the Green in NYC. If you have an upcoming event, I highly recommend this location. The staff and atmosphere are superb.

Every event begins with an invite. What else could this invite be but the ultimate symbol of Fiesta? To me it is the most important make or break decision for the invited guest on whether to attend or not. It has been my experience that the more creative the invite, the more guests you will have. Thankfully I had alot of help from the women in my family group at church to make ALOT of them. :)

We will begin with their shower. It was a couple's Fiesta theme, very colorful and very fun!! This is a pic of their sign in table. In lieu of gifts the couple asked for love offerings to help begin their life with. In the bowl are brightly colored envelopes for the guest to place their donation in. When finished the guests placed them in the Pinata that the bride and groom would be breaking open towards the end of the party.

The pic on the left is where the guests filled out colored index cards of advice and placed them in an album for the couple to treasure. The pic on the right is some of the decor used courtesy of an awesome sister. I love to make tissue flowers which made for an inexpensive impact of color throughout the party.
This garland was a blast to do.  Basically it consists of streamer that runs between two tissue flowers. I will definitely be making these again because here in SA they can be very versatile for a number of events.

 Last but definitely not least, what is event without a cake? Their cake was provided by a VERY talented sister who did an outstanding job :) I love the mini mariachi's serenading the couple on the top. It was MUY DELICIOSO!!!

The difference between the couples wedding shower and the wedding ceremony itself  were at two different ends of the spectrum.  As mentioned earlier the ceremony was to be a night of enchanted elegance and it was.  The simple but classic invite reflected that with layered embossing in an ivory metallic on a crisp white background.  I printed the info on a milky piece of vellum.
The above pic is of their wedding program. I kept the same format as the invite for cohesiveness.  The couple's image was cut using the Wedding solutions cartridge and my cricut create. I am VERY thankful for the loving hands of my sisters yet again who helped to assemble these beautifully.

For the conclusion of todays' post, the above pics are of the couple's wedding favors.  These are an original idea that I came up with to fit the couple's needs.  I can't give away all my secrets, but the elegance of this event required an inexpensive favor that gave an expensive impression. The orchids in the center were to honor the memory of the bride's sister.  These are definitely one of my all time favorite favor ideas :)

Thanks for droppin' in once again :) Hope that these wedding posts will help start your creative juices flowing :)


  1. I love all of these are great at this!

    Keep it up!

  2. wow, what a beautiful colourful wedding, you did such a lovely job :)


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