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Sunday, January 30, 2011

I DO Weddings

Hello everybody :) How is your Sunday going? Mine did not start out so good. I will have to be visitng a dentist this week :( While I'm waiting for the pain med to kick in I thought I would do some more "catch up posting".
You know during this holiday time of LOVE it got me to thinking about the weddings I have been blessed to be a part of.  Each one made an impact in it's own way.  The biggest reward has been the friendships that were formed by serving one another. So sit back and enjoy and please feel free to use some of the ideas:)

Weddings are events I end up going all out on, sometimes too much.  But in the end it's all worth it. My post today,and the next couple of days will contain pics of the favors and invites for weddings I have done for my dear friends.
We will start off with the O'brien & Aguilar Wedding. The above pic is of their Save the Date Money Tree invite. On the majority of their favors I used the luxury stack by DCWV.  This invite has magnet on the back (all my save the date invites have magnet).
This is a Moneylope used for their Money tree shower. The guests placed their gifts inside and then signed the outside with who it was from.  The couple requested that detail to send the proper thank you notes.
This lil' invite holder was for the Bride's intimate shower.  We needed to be discreet because we had to pass them out at church :)

The book mark is the first of the favors.  It was really special because of the personalization contributed by the groom.  He included on one side the poem he wrote his beloved when they started dating and on the other side was a poem from when he proposed.

These pics are of the cover and inside of the story when they met. On one side is the bride's version of the story and on the other is the groom's.  It is a very beautiful story with similiar details that God himself could have only added :)

 And last but not least they made a CD of their favorite songs as the final favor. I used the Luxury Stack... folded one 12x12 page and trimmed the corner on one side to create the slot for the CD. The inside cover contains their thank you's to the guests and those who helped make their day posssible.

 Thanks for droppin' in, until next posting... God blesses each of us with talent, what's yours and how do you use it? Let me know by leaving a comment and on your way out please sign my guestbook :)


  1. The cd idea is great! Now my wheels are turning!

  2. Well my dear friend, you brought tears to my eyes as I looked at the memorabilia you created for my wedding. You did a fantastic job!
    Thanks again!

  3. You are welcome my lovely friend :) What made it the most beautiful though was you and your groom :)


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