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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I DO Weddings Part III

Good Morning everyone :) Hopefully you are warm on your sofa with your favorite blanket, book, and cup of coffee, tea or is waaaaaaayyyyyyyyy to chilly to be outside. Here in SA right now it is 24 degrees, us south texans are not used to this!!  I am grateful for a warm home and a family with warm loving hugs and hearts to enjoy everyday but especially on days like this:)

On with today's posting this wedding is the Uresti and Flores wedding. I've known the bride and her sister for quite sometime. The event was outdoor and took place at an incredible venue in Helotes, Tx. It literally was a real live fairytale:) I did not make the invites for this one but the favors and centerpieces instead.
These favors were an acknowledgement towards the groom. He has a ranching background so in honor of that I made lasso bells. I am very grateful for the help of the bride, groom, and the groom's sister for their help in making this teadious project. We shaped 10-12 inch pieces of wire into circles. Next we hooked the wire through the jingle and tied the twine in a knot and started wrapping, and wrapping, and wrapping. When the end reached the bell again, we left the ends kinda long and added extra detail by fraying the ends. The final touch was a piece of eggplant organza ribbon single knotted under the bell. The intention for these was for the lil' ones to run around with them.
This is a pic of the first of two centerpieces. The event was outdoors and we needed some addition soft light.  So the best way to accomplish that was with candles in glass so they would'nt blow out easy. The bride's colors were rich fall with the main accent being eggplant.  What is not clear in the photo is the green pears in the arrangement.  The bride wanted them to accentuate what a perfect pair they are for each other. I tried to compliment the already amazing beautiful scenery of the location.
The next pic above is of the second centerpiece. This one was very unique and the couple loved it. For this one I'll let you try and figure out what I used.  Do you recognize what's holding the candles in the center? Please let me know by leaving a comment of your thoughts, and I'll let you know if you are right.

It is time for me to depart and drink the cup of warm hot chocolate that is beckoning my name. May you be warmed by the love of your family and friends today:) It warms my heart just to know you took the tim to stop by. Thanks for droppin' by and checking out today's post. If you like what you see please sign-in on my guestbook, and follow me :)

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