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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Thankful Thursdays

Good Morning faithful followers from the Scraptuary :)

Today is Thankful Thursday where I share about the parts of life that I am thankful for. 
My family was blessed with a new addition this year in June. To understand how important this addition is you need a lil' history first. I come from a family of five and so does my husband. My hubbie's father is one of 9 siblings who have multiplied fruitfully and have constructed a incredible family that i am proud to be a part of. There are sooooooo many nieces and nephews on the Kalinec side sometimes it's hard to keep up. Which leads me to why I am incredibly thankful this Thursday...for the first time since 1997 on my side of the family, a beautiful baby has arrived.....
Introducing the most gorgeous niece in the world, Ava Irene. I am respecting the privacy of my brother and will not share intimate details of dates and such or her mommy and daddy's names....
but I couldn't resist sharing my love for them and how proud I am to be a first time AUNTIE!!!

So indulge me with what you are Thankful for on this Thursday and leave me a comment with a link to your blog so that we can rejoice and give thanks together. 
Thanks for droppin' in :) Until we visit again, have a blessed day :)

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