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Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Golden Spoon Trophy

Hello everyone :0)
Hope you are having an awesome day full of creativeness....thought I would drop in and share about something special that happened this past weekend.  You know when you have kids and their birthdays are just a couple days apart, it's easier to have a combined party. Well us wives of two awesome men did just that.  My fantabulous husband celebrated his 40th birthday with an awesome friend and bro in Christ who also turned 38 this year. The birthday men had a request of a simple, back in the day, game party. Dominoes and Spoons were the games of choice. 

What is Spoons you ask? It's a fun crowd pleasing, rowdy, sometimes painful card game that ALOT of people can play at one time. We use everyday silverware teaspoons to play with.  The amount of participants determines how many decks of cards and spoons that are used. First you place a pile of spoons in the middle of the gaming table.  The number of spoons is always ONE LESS then the number of players{ex.10 players=9 spoons} You start off by dealing 4 cards to each player.  The object of the game is to collect 4 of the same face value of the cards in your hand {ie four 4's, four Kings, four 2's, etc.} suit does not matter. You can only have 4 cards in your hand at all times.  The dealer picks up the cards one at a time and passes the ones he/she does not want to the player on the left. When the dealer finds the one they need, they discard one from their hand and replace with the one they just drew then they pass along the discarded one also. The player to the left of the dealer picks up the card and either keeps it if needed or passes it on.  The passing continues to every player{sometimes in at a very rapid speed} until eventually someone has 4 of a kind in their hand.  Now is where the fun ensues...when you have 4 of a kind then and ONLY then you quietly reach into the middle and take a spoon. Once you have your spoon in your grasp, then it becomes a free for all for the other players and the mayhem begins.  Grabbing, out of control elbows,  people flying across the table, chairs flying backwards, you get the picture. The one player left without a spoon receives the first letter of the guessed it SPOONS.  The player to receive all the letters is out of the game.  

We ended up doing a Sudden Death version just because it was taking AWHILE with 13 players playing at one time. Sudden Death for us is when you don't acquire a spoon by whatever means necessary, you are immediately out.  There is NO spelling involved. 

The photos were taken by the awesome winner and owner of the first coveted Golden Spoon Trophy, Nancy{thank you for sharing them with me!!}  I used the Indie Art Solutions Cartridge to cut out the suit shapes(using the regular, shadow, & blackout features and layering them together) and the crown.  The crown was accented with the year in white gel pen. 

This game goes wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy back with my husbands family and is definitely our family favorite. You can add your own spin or additional rules to it. If you and your family has played this game before, please share about the fun you had by leaving me a comment.

I have been challenged by a dear friend to make silver, bronze, and gold trophies next time...I have accepted.  Each set of trophies with be a lil different to keep it interesting.  Thanks for hanging out and reading, enjoy the lil' things in your everyday routine...have a blessed day @>--%----

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  1. Hey! Cards are so fun!! I have played spoons before, but not for years, and I really don't remember all those details you explained. LOL Sounds like a great time and love the GOLDEN SPOON trophy! You go, girl! :) Janis


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