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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Going to the Chapel....

Hello Everyone, wow it seems like forever since my last post. I have been wearing my Scraptuary out with a couple of big projects. One of them is for my father-in-law. My family is VERY excited about this weekend...he is marrying his sweetheart on Saturday the 26th of June.  He is 75 years young, and she....well it wouldn't be ladylike to disclose her age. They are extremely cute together, and my family is soooooooooo happy for them. Here is a pic of the lovebirds...

Of course this adorable couple deserves original wedding invites, {and yes they have the family hook-up}.  The challenge came when I found out I needed to make 200 in one week ;) Yes , I know what your thinking, what, how and me and what army? It was truly the army of God that children, my incredibly patient and loving hubby, and my BFF's Kelly, and dear friends Carmen, and Ed. I so greatly appreciate my friends and family, without them there would have been no way the deadline would have been met. 

 On your left is a pic of the jacket of invite. Normally I hand cut each piece from individual cardstock, measuring, and calculating every last lil' detail.  I'm gonna let you in on a secret........ Michael's had an amazing sale on their invite kits on the very day I received the order to make that totally God or what?!? I'm just sayin'.......
SO the base of the invite is from a kit but I added the embellishments of the ovals and the initial using the Storybook cartridge.  The sapphire stones were for the bride to mimic the twinkle in her eye everytime she sees her groom :)

On the Invite I computer printed the info and handstamped with Ranger Denim Adirondack Ink with a clear $1 flourish stamp from Michael's. I really found out the blessing of having a Cricut Create from this project{which fyi was a gift from my son for Valentine's Day this year!!} Life just keeps getting more amd more creative and fun!! 
Well time to shut down and pack and then turn in.  We head down to our hometown at half past dark- thirty. I will be back next week with updates about the whole shabang!! Take care and thanks for dropping in...
until laters @>--%--- Stephanie


  1. Steph, You did a great job as usual. I really like this one.

  2. Wow, very pretty and elegant. I like it a lot!

  3. Stephanie, what a beautiful piece of art, you are truly an amazing artist, I can testify for that, people are still making wonderful comments about my daughters graduation invitations. Thank you God for giving such a marvelous gift. Have a great time at the wedding. Doris

  4. This is so fancy and beautiful! WOW!

  5. My fave invite on your whole blog!

    LOVE IT!


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